Friday, December 24, 2004


So how was all of your holidays cause mine at least the begininning of mine was just dandy. i got to learn the real identity of GOD and apparently it is Brett FAVRE...according to cris collinsworth troy aikman and some other has been FOX announcer. JESUS CHRIST it was like watching a eulogy in his name or something. More nice things have never been said about one person in less time in the history of mankind
apparently he is perfect and can do no wrong.

Now that i have that out of my system Id like to say that i dont know how much longer i can sit idly by and watch the vikings choke every single chance they get. I truly hope they dont make the playoffs because as of now they are an embarrassment. In clutch situations they cannot get their shit together at all.

Before i simply blamed mike tice but it goes deeper than that. The Minnesota Vikings simply cant win when it counts....EVER. Go ahead look at their history they cant do it. The only good thing that came out of the vikes losing is that not as many women are getting beat up by their loving husbands in wisconsin.

Well Berg said it in his blog just a few days ago...someones holiday is gonna suck because of one of these teams and he was right except for one thing, it took both teams in a combined effort to make the vikes lose. the vikes had to help the pack win their game and they did that brilliantly

going in to this game i truly believed, had all the confidence in the world that the vikes would come out victorious...i was obviously wrong.
I really dont know what to say anymore. They just cant perform under any kind of pressure.
i cant imagine what their sex lives are like if how they play is any indicator i feel bad for their significant others.

FUCK. Im at a loss for words but right now that one seems to fit the bill perfectly

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Well the Twins got rid of Corey Koskie this week just proving to everyone that they are not really a major league team. they are really more like a minor league team. they build players up to their highest potential and then dont wanna pay them so they dump them for another team. i hated to see him go cause he was good and he was one of the guys on the team that i felt like a knew.
oh well i am still looking forward to the new season. chicago picked up jermaine dye and the tigers are lookin to get some good players...whereas the twins are just gettin rid of theirs, but i digress. the pitching looks good for the twins with the return of santana and radke we will also be getting to see joe mays play. hopefully he'll do well.

on a completely unrelated subject
RIP Darrell Abbott
famed guitarist of pantera
and all others killed or injured in this horrible accident

Sunday, December 12, 2004

mike tice sucks

so as you may well have guessed this entry is going to address mike tice and how much he does indeed suck...yeah so the guy sucks. in the three years that he has coached the vikings they have been one of the most undisciplined disappointing heartbreaking teams of the entire NFL.
To top off what has basically been an abismal season which is not over yet he starts talking aboot how he would love to coach at the university of washington just showing his committment to the team that he leads (and i use that word loosely) right at this very moment. It kinda makes ya yurn for the days of good ole "reliable" denny green. Now theres a coach huh? even if you didnt like him you gotta give him props for making it to the playoffs almost every year that he coached...
Frankly i will be just fine when at the end of the year mike tice will be relieved of his duty as coach of the vikings. Then he can live out his dream of going to the NCAA and live in fine rainy ass Seattle. good for him good for us.

now that that is out of the way id like to take this time to point out the fact that this here blog is much better than Bergs. Id also like to announce my candicy for presidency in the next running.
I may not wait that long though...Im thinkin impeachment or mutiny. I dont trust that HOG fella. and how bout all those promises he made? I havent seen, not even one, cheese curd stand and frankly i wont have it. so look out folks cause the sasquatch is a comin!!!!!!!!!